I didn't get any answer via phone

Please leave a message on the machine.   We try to check messages often, and on the weekends we schedule by appointment only on Saturday and Sunday.   Normal hours of operation are M-F 8-5.   


How Much do the Jeeps Cost?

We offer Jeeps on a daily rental (full day rates).  Typically $200/ day.    Please see our rate schedule.   (3+ consecutive days has discounted rate)


We also offer Campers, Fishing poles, Fishing Boats, ATV rental, and camping equipment for the all inclusive experience in the backcountry.

Set-up / Pick-up / Delivery can be accomidated 

Where can I go?

Our Professional staff will set you up with a map of the area along with areas that suit your style.   This is not a guided trip so we leave that up to you.    Relax, and enjoy everything Colorado has to offer.    

Do all your Jeeps have Soft Tops?

All of our jeeps have soft tops. We will take them down with you so that you will know how to put them back up, if you decide you need / want to.

How many people fit in your Jeeps?

We rent Jeep Wranglers which seat 4.   If your family or group requires more, we would be happy to work with you to set up a multiple Jeep rental for your trip.

Can you take the Jeeps Off Roading?

YES YOU CAN!!   In fact we suggest it.   Most of the trails are off road trails that are marked at all turn offs, for easy follow on our maps in each Jeep.   The most important part of off roading in Colorado is to stay on the trail.   You will be fined by the Forest Service and Pikes Peak Jeep Rentals if you are cought off the designated Trails.

Where is Pikes Peak Jeep Rentals Located?

We are located 20 min West of Colorado Springs in Divide Colorado.   Address is 11505 W. Hwy 24, Divide CO 80814.   When coming from Colorado Springs, as you start into the town of Divide look to the right for the real estate building with the Elk on the roof.    Take a right into the parking lot and we are located on the top of the hill in the same location as Big Sky Automotive.

What do we rent?

We Rent the Following:

Jeep Wranglers




Camping Equipment


Fishing Poles

Fishing Boats